The modern video player for macOS

#5 Product of the DayJanuary 09, 2017
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What are some of the benefits to using this over VLC? Is it just a slicker UX?
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Features: Based on mpv, a powerful media player Designed for modern macOS (10.10+) User-friendly interface All the features you need for videos, audios and subtitles Supported basic playlist and chapters MPV config files and script system are available for advanced users Written in Swift, followed up on new technologies like Touch Bar Still in active development
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@bentossell Nice discovery Ben. VLC is pretty much the standard in this field, but macOS sure can use a dedicated modern media player.
@t55 yeah VLC has always been my default - found this in GitHub Explore > Trending section :)
@bentossell @t55 So Look ok, i also use VLC for like...ages, i would like to use something different just for the hell of it!
I'm sceptical. I'm waiting for a good developer to look in the source code and confirm there is no malicious code.
@sidrock28 The project is totally open source. Hiding malicious code in plain sight would be some pretty ace-level scamming, although I suppose it's theoretically possible. In my experience sketchy things look sketchy.
@shimmb @sidrock28 The website also offers a bundled app binary. It's not as unlikely or uncommon as you're leading others to believe.
VLC gets the job done but I'm definitely keeping my eye on this project now.
Great find! I've thought for a while VLC seemed a bit outdated for the modern platform, and this instantly looks like a worthy long term replacement. The design is great and it really suits macOS.
Of course I had to link to it from my blog - http://radicalthinker.net/iina-t...