A curated list of +160 books recommended by Indie Hackers

IHBOOKS is a curated list of books, recommended by Indie Hackers.

12 categories, 168 books (the list is growing) to let you launch and grow your side project or startup.

Each book has:

- his own detail page that displays the source of the book suggestion

- redirection links (without affiliation) to Amazon and Blinkist to get the book

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Hi Product Hunters, I’m Olivier, the maker of IHBOOKS, a curated directory of +160 books recommended by Indie Hackers. I’ve built this project because I’m a big fan of the IH interviews, where Makers share their story and give advices to others. From these advices, 116 makers have recommended 168 books (so far), that you will find on IHBOOKS. Any feedbacks and opinions are well received.
Hi Makers, @opourquier told me about this hand curated list of 📚 taken from IH he built. I immediately told him a was his first fan. I'm actually in the middle of finding new books to read and this is just what I needed! Olivier is a maker from Montpellier, France and usually sit just in front of me in our coworking space. Hope you'll also find some interesting material for your Xmas holidays (or gifts maybe). Pierre
@pierre_vannier Thanks a lot for your comment Pierre, I really appreciate!
Super useful list 😉 Keep adding books Olivier !
@atudotio I will!! Thanks for your message, I'm glad you like!

Ca fait gagner du temps quand on veut élargir ses recherches sur la tech et l'entrepreneuriat. Et c'est une liste issue d'une curation par les tech ! Pas mieux en termes de recommandation


Super mine de bouquins trouvée. De quoi vous inspirer !


On n'est qu'au début, hâte de voir la liste s'allonger.

Thanks a lot Marilor! I'm glad you like it!
Great list. Most of those books are available in my local bookstore. You just show me the best ones to buy. Thank you.
@thenetdevelper Happy to read that 😉