IGTV Video Resizer

Post landscape videos to IGTV

This app helps you to resize your landscape videos into portrait format to avoid crop in IGTV!

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2 Reviews2.5/5
Hey everyone, When I first saw IGTV I wanted to share all my previous videos there but the format was just not right for me! I didn’t like the way it cut all my videos just like Instagram Stories did in the beginning. So I quickly created this app to make it possible to share landscape videos on IGTV, I really hope you’ll like it! I know this is not native content on IGTV but for people who already created a lot of content for youtube, it can be a good start to convert their previous videos in minutes. If you have any questions, I’m here all day to answer them!
Terrific - works very fast ... definitely a game changer for me!
Thanks! I’m glad you like it! :) If you have some ideas how I could improve it, please let me know!
This is great. Had this problem and it was a headache getting everything converted over manually.
@carlosarbona thanks! If you have any suggestions how to improve the app, please let me know!
This just saved my life