Instagram's new app for watching long-form, vertical videos

IGTV is a new app for watching long-form, vertical video from your favorite Instagram creators, like LaurDIY posting her newest project or King Bach sharing his latest comedy skit. While there’s a stand-alone IGTV app, you’ll also be able to watch from within the Instagram app so the entire community of one billion can use it from the very start.

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First Snapchat, now YouTube. Instagram, now up to 1B MAU, has done a remarkable job evolving the product from what started as a simple app to create photos with filters. This is a great example of expanding upon a wedge (something @bubba and I briefly spoke about this morning). Curious to hear everyone's thoughts on this. Share your hot take below. 👇🏼🌶
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Does the world really ned this? I am guessing the answer for a lot of folks is Yes. Q: Could this be Facebook's way of using vanity videos to gain a "foot in the door " into YouTube's entrenched domain?
As a creator who recently invested in Youtube (camera equipment, editing software, sound, lighting etc) I'm interested to see how the video production for this new 'watch' app and feature plays out. Are we expected to put in the same amount of effort/time into this app or is the creation process native? Or is it something that's brought over to the app and just cut in the center of the frame post production? Either way this is interesting. I dont think i'd invest heavily into this but see it as something to put EXCLUSIVE content on as an add on to the content I'm already creating.
@trellwest Interesting points here - and it really goes back to how users search for content in general. YouTube still holds strong because of search-based behaviours from Google. I'll be very interested to see how IGTV metadata is being represented on search engines: that will be the ground-breaker that could make IGTV a strong player.
@trellwest @kylemalindawhite Will be interesting yes since IG on desktop is not a great experience, whereas it is app-based on mobile and users are less likely to search through the browser

Instagram should be for images and short clips. Long form videos

does not make sense here. We have YouTube and Facebook for the same.

Whats next? Ability to write "text" posts on Instagram? Mark, why are

just merging features across your apps. This is different for a reason


Businesses will finally be able to put long form videos


Instagram is not for long form videos

Many people's audiences are more captive on IG, whereas FB single digit percentage will see your post. Makes sense to me. IG also has a different demographic than Facebook these days.
I love this. I've been experimenting with vertical only videos and follow some awesome creators who only do vertical. However I haven't seen long form videos done vertically and cannot imagine watching a portrait-mode movie. I already spend 90% of my time on Instagram stories so it's not totally surprising. Also, if worse comes to worse you can still do landscape mode and just turn it vertically... have seen a lot of creators use that approach as well! Super excited about this. One con however: Facebook sucks at search. There's no way they can compete with Google on that front so that will always be a limiting factor.
@allnick I can definitely see people watching lengthy vertical videos (think of everyone who watches Netflix on their phone), so I think it's more about whether creators embrace the format. A potential audience of 1 billion is a powerful incentive though…
@allnick +1. Also, they could eventually accommodate for horizontal (the way they eventually allowed for horizontal images within vertical Stories wayyy later), but the fact they shipped with vertical right out the gate tells me a substantial chunk of their user base must already have adopted vertical.