Find a new friend to play the games you love — in real time!

Gamers are always seeking a new challenge! iGotNext provides real time lobbies for your favorite games, highlighting users who are active and ready to battle or team up. Tap on a user to initiate a challenge and reveal Friend Code/Gamertags and Discord IDs.
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Love the idea for this app. Would like to see it on xbox too. Good luck!
@design_house1 We're working to bring ALL consoles to iGotNext! Thanks for the feedback!
Heyyo! My name is Devon and I represent the Glitch Creative Labs team, creators of iGotNext. After winning the #FreeMVPChallenge (Featured on PH), this project was created in just 2 weeks by my team and the awesome folks over at Product Crafters. Our MVP is incredibly simple. Log on, fill out your profile by selecting a username and avatar, and input your Nintendo Friend Code and Discord ID *optional*. You're ready to go! We currently focus on the Nintendo Switch console and offer 5 game lobbies: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Rocket League, Splatoon 2, and Minecraft. Interactions, or "Challenges" happen in real time, and connect passionate gamers to new friends to enjoy the games they love. There are no complex rankings or statistics, just an overarching skill level for each user which defines the type of challenge they're looking for: Beginner, Casual, Competitive, or Elite. We have big plans for the future of this application. We hope to launch an iOS product soon, and then begin opening up to all consoles with a wider range of games. Competitive team games, such as Overwatch, will introduce a new "Team Building" mechanic that'll make searching for a healer a heck of a lot easier, too! We're also excited to see how iGotNext can benefit streamers by providing new opportunities for audience interaction, and we'll be exploring this avenue heavily as we scale. We understand that our Android Beta featuring only 5 games may be a bit limited, but do remember that we built this MVP in only 2 weeks. We are ready to continue development, and are eager to hear your input! Thanks - I'll see y'all on iGotNext! If you see "Glitch" send me a Challenge!
Greetings! Developers are here :) It's a surprise for us to see the app published today. If you find any bugs - ping me and we will fix it ASAP.
Is there no legal issue with using a silhouette of Mario as your icon/logo? 🤔
This is such a great idea!!! Hoping to see you guys support more concoles in the (very near) future. Good luck!