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Hi all. At Yummygum we're big workout fanatics and it felt like there wasn’t a beautiful and good workout app available. That’s why we decided to create one. For about a year we’ve worked on Ignite, and we’re super happy and excited about its availability in the App Store. The coolest thing about this project is that everyone who’s been on the Yummygum team in the past year (either employee or intern) has worked on this. A true team effort we’re extremely proud of. If you guys have any suggestions on how to make it better, we'd love to know
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@leonephraim I'm sure you did quite the competitor analysis - since this space is so crowded, could you tell us how Ignite differs from the other workout trackers out there?
@j_nce Hi Jince, I'm glad you asked. To be honest, and by no means do I mean this in a condescending way; we believe the other workout tracker apps that are out there are doing it wrong in at least the following aspects. 1) They emphasize too much on a philosophy where they force you to work out in a certain way. This often results in overly complex apps that don’t easily allow you to either create your own workout or choose a predefined workout. 2) Not pushing it User Experience & User Interface wise. Most workout tracking apps are basically notebooks/pen&pads on your smartphone. Which is nuts if you think about it. There is so much potential for a workout tracking app on a device like an iPhone. It's the perfect opportunity to allow people to focus on what the app is for (creating & logging workouts and getting insights in your progress), rather than being a pen&pad. We've created Ignite keeping in mind to do better. I'd love for you to give it a spin and experience it yourself 💪
@leonephraim @j_nce I'll agree with this. I've downloaded and used most of what is in the App Store that looks half decent. There was definitely not anything that looks like this available. Looking forward to putting this through a test to see how it stacks up feature-wise. Congrats on the launch.
There's no point to make a iOS workouts app without a Watch app.
@lionyoung1987 Thanks for sharing your take on this Lee.
@lionyoung1987 Well, as someone who doesn't have nor plan to have a smartwatch, this is useful for me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@lionyoung1987 Can't say that I agree being how many people use their iPhones at the gym and don't own an Apple Watch, but it would be awesome if it had a companion Watch app in the future
@mrmikehalligan I see what you mean. But as a guy who goes to gym on a regular basis should tell you the watch(any smart watch at this point) feels so much better and can do a lot more activities without putting a phone in the pocket if you know what I mean...
@jmkcc give the watch a try(even Pebble), you'll see what I mean and it's just way more accurate than having the phone in your pocket. Especially with the heart rate censor and stuff...
I've been beta testing this beast and it is amazing. 😍
Looks interesting, does it integrate with the Health app or with the Apple Watch Activity App?
@piero_ruiz Thanks Pedro, there is currently no Health or Apple Watch Activity App integration, as you would input your workout data (exercise repetitions and weights which are not measurable with Apple devices) yourself
Congrats on the launch guys! Well done!