The original and best, now on Android

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The original app, launched in 2008, gained a huge following. It featured on The Daily Show, TODAY, and was even mentioned by George Clooney in a Rolling Stone interview. And now, it gets a second wind on Android. You can find out more about the app, how much the original made, and learn lessons from its maker in my exclusive article on VentureBeat today (http://bit.ly/1RChk6B). Enjoy!
@therealsjr Lol, I was wondering if you post this when I saw your post on twitter.
So excited to have released a fully-featured version for Android after all these years! Now everyone can let 'er rip. Aw yeah...
Love the UI, so high res and realistic. Maybe someday someone will invent a UI like this for all apps!!! (Love the shadows, makes it realistic and fun to use)
A wise guideline once said 'We don't need anymore fart apps'.
@joostschuur But this *was* the one that everyone copied back in the day, and now it is getting a second wind.
@therealsjr So you're saying it's more than just a lot of hot air?