If I Knew Then (book)

Career & life advice from Harvard B-School Class of 1963

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What resonates most with me about this is not the career advice, but the advice around marriage and family. Having a strong relationship with your spouse and children (if you choose to have them) seems to have an inordinate effect on your overall happiness (and success).
@jasonshen "Don’t forget: while you’re still busy elsewhere, marriage and family will inevitably be the most important elements of determining success or happiness for most people." - Mark Hoffman "Staying married is a real trick, and worth the care it takes to accomplish this. Each of us is formed by our backgrounds, and blending our views and concerns takes listening and understanding. But oh, is it worth it to live happily with the person of your choice!" - Judy Ley Allen
I love the concept. My mom was class of '83 (I believe). I feel that it might be interesting to have this class's advice juxtaposed with the class of '15, so that we could see how advice differs amongst generations.
This is rad! Brilliant concept. As @msitver suggests, it would be very interesting to compare advice across different generations. Possibly '70 , '80 , '90 etc...
This is really awesome! Every section is packed with nuggets of wisdom.
Any way of getting it on .mobi? / similar format? Love the idea!!