Design tool & marketplace for custom sneakers

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Hi hunters! IDX Shoes is the first service that allows you to upload any design pattern on sneakers. It is also the first marketplace for sneakers, it will allow artists who until now hand-painted sneakers to scale up their hobby and reach new audiences. With IDX the design option are limitless. We hope it will empower people to set their own trends and choose their own style as opposed to just accepting what mainstream brands offer. So go to and play around with the design tool (desktop version). Here is a 10% coupon in case you really love what you are seeing: PH10OFF Any thought or suggestions?
@piksrihards Sick designs! I will order one... Thank you for the coupon code
@adolfoalamo Thanks Adolfo! That's the best part about IDX...the only limitation to footwear design now is only our imagination
Really loving what you've put together on this interactive website. Definitely will be bookmarking this for future use.
@stevenjacobs_ Thanks Steven! Hope to see some crazy designs from you in future!