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Idle is here to make your free time more productive. It's an iOS app which selects tasks from your to-do list based on how much free time you have and the task priority.

Built to boosts productivity as we often find ourselves with limited free time but waste half of it deciding on what to do, Idle tells you what you can get done straight away.

Yan Sidyakin
Scott Fraser
Kincső Miklósi
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  • Yan Sidyakin
    Yan SidyakiniOS and macOS developer

    - Interesting concept, I too wanted to actualize it once. Clean interface, all features are relevant. Prioritizes tasks for you.


    Too slow sometimes because of long animations. (Major concern!) Too rigid in terms of time.

    More on the last point: if, say, I have 55 minutes, but the tasks takes 60, it won't show up, which can be frustrating if you have a lot of tasks. It can be remedied by extending time, but that's an additional step.

    Overall, though, the concept clearly works, you just need to fix some issues and perhaps add more features later on.

    Yan Sidyakin has used this product for one week.
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Robbie Fraser
Robbie FraserMaker@robbie_fraser · iOS developer & co-founder - Jascro Tech
Do you think this is something you will be able to use when you've got some free time but can't quite decide what to do? I would be really interested to hear your thoughts.
Marcell@cellus_christie · I help you reach the right ppl 🎯
@robbie_fraser I think there could be huge upside to this. Theres plenty of task apps and project managers that help with getting things done, what I see here is a little different though. Often, we all have random things that we dont want to be bothered with that would be nice if we did them, or plans to do things eventually allowing our busy schedule to get in the way This seems like it would really fill those voids If this could get a google assistant integration id be completley sold I.e I picture a user asking " im bored what should I do" and getting a clear answer depending how much time they have 5 minutes here 10 minutes there ect i give it a thumbsup 😉
Robbie Fraser
Robbie FraserMaker@robbie_fraser · iOS developer & co-founder - Jascro Tech
@cellus_christie Thanks a lot for the upvote, it seems like you really understand what I've tried to do with the app and what to use it for. That's an interesting idea about the google assistant integration, I can definitely see that being a useful feature for a future version! Thanks for the feedback 😄
Ludo De Angelis
Ludo De Angelis@ludodeangelis
Hey Robbie! This is a really cool idea. I’d really like to see an integration with other task management platforms. So I don’t have to change my workflow, I can continue managing my tasks but when I have some spare time, I crack open Idle and see what I can squeeze in.
Robbie Fraser
Robbie FraserMaker@robbie_fraser · iOS developer & co-founder - Jascro Tech
Hi Ludo! Thanks for the message. Yeh cool idea! I can see why it would be useful to just have a centralised task list so you don't have to input tasks to multiple platforms and then Idle could just work of those tasks. I would be interested to know what task management platforms you use and if perhaps you use variety for different kinds of tasks? 😃