Personal assistant to update credit card & address info

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Ever held off signing up for that new credit card, or gotten a replacement card, or switch addresses, and realized you have to update EVERYTHING thing you have in your life? Our team built IDENTITY, a personal assistant that changes out your credit card or address info across the services you use. If you ever switch credit cards or need to update card numbers or addresses - BOOM. Best part - your personal data such as login, passwords, numbers and addresses are encrypted and stored locally on the device alone. Since we love Product Hunt, we're announcing here first - we have a desktop app that's coming soon and we're adding even more features to this personal assistant.
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@marco_wirasinghe I JUST had to go through this, wish you had launched 1 month ago :)
@fahdoo Oh no! Sorry Fahd we didn't have it ready at the time. The good thing is that if you set it up, next time anything happens or you want to switch cards, it's a click away.
every 2 years i am in the same situation like millions of credit card owners: the credit card expires and you have to update it with the new one everywhere it is hosted. it s painful and cumbersome. this seems like a nice product idea to solve that pain
@andrewjb44 Thanks! Andrew - do you think this might help Hilton have its users keep their latest credit card numbers on file? If so, we'd love to work with you and get your feedback.
@andrewjb44 good fwd thinking. Mine are always outdated it seems!!
Love this idea. After opening the app it doesn't have some of my quick options (1password, icloud) so I'll have to set it up later.
@keithbarney Thanks for downloading and trying out the app! We are investigating ways to integrate with 1Password, iCloud and other password managers. Question for you: do you use Dropbox / iCloud for your cross-device sync for 1Password?
@sudipshah 1Password synced with Dropbox
@keithbarney Thanks. Since we do everything through the app (without any server side integrations), we access password stores that are present on the web - hence the support for Chrome (, LastPass and Dashlane. We are exploring ways to integrate with options like 1Password without giving up the security advantage of device-only integrations.
Great TechCrunch article on Identity and LifeLock!