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#2 Product of the DayAugust 03, 2018

So far, ideas have been spread across every possible notes app. This is a dedicated app for writing down your ideas.

👉Use it to write down ideas for starting your own company, to create a bucket list or personal goals.

👉Separate good ideas from the bad ones by sorting them via ease and confidence of execution, and how powerful the idea is.

  • Naveen Honest Raj
    Naveen Honest RajLead Engineer @ Skcript

    Ideas that just pops into our head can be pushed into this app.


    Needs some directions and improvements

    1. I expected a comment box

    2. An onboarding slides would help to understand the app's use.

    3. The scores are nice, but it doesn't has any impact so far

    Naveen Honest Raj has used this product for one day.
  • Utkarsh Singh Bhardwaj
    Utkarsh Singh BhardwajHave a Product? You have my attention!

    Have't used it


    Have't used it

    Jotting down the ideas is amazing! But is there any help for execution? Until and unless I'm executing it on the same app, I'll use Google keep then

    Utkarsh Singh Bhardwaj has never used this product.
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Mané Karen
Mané Karen@mane_gharibyan · Growth Hacker
I'm going to try this.
Alexander Isora 🦄
Alexander Isora 🦄@alexanderisora · Founder @ Unicorn Platform.
I use to send messages to myself in Telegram for that purpose 😌
Ariel Wywykoski
Ariel Wywykoski@ariel_wywykoski · SEO Shaman
Awesome! Good luck!
Chris Gaszynski
Chris GaszynskiMaker@chris_gaszynski · Digital Nomad, developer
Guillaume Bardet
Guillaume BardetPro@guillaumebardet · Working on
Very clever name! Curious to know how the web version will come out.
Aarti Khairnar
Aarti Khairnar@aarti_khairnar · Sales Supervisor
Such an amazing tool. It really helps to write notes instantly and helps in writing blogs. Thank You for such a great idea.