Online application to manage goals and control time

The ultimate tool for goal management and week planning:

- Organize your goals efficiently with backlog and week goals.

- Plan your time easily with drag and drop and intuitive design.

- Get notified on your devices and track your time spent.

- Review your week and improve on the next ideal week.

Hello everyone, I built idealweek to help myself better managing goals and time. With idealweek, you can manage your goals with colors and tags. You can plan your goals to a specific week or keep them in backlog for future consideration. Plan time for goals is never easier with drag-n-drop. There is context menu for you to easy adjusting time such as move it next to the previous event or take all available time. There are reports of your progress on completing goals and how well you utilize your time. You can capture your routine quite easily. Hope you find it useful. Regards, Cam
Awesome tool! Gives me a nice overview for my tasks :)