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Creator here. It's a pretty lightweight app, but would love to answer any questions / get feedback. I used Evernote to keep track of my ideas, but I found myself rearranging them into different categories too often. I find it nice having an app dedicated to my ideas, with the ability to group them and prioritize them by tapping on the dots.
@ptaylorsimpson Plot Twist: You're really evil and all of the ideas entered are sent back to your server where you cherry pick the best ones and create your own evil empire. The world never works out where you keep finding all of your inspiration, and you die as a revered genius with a legacy that lives on for centuries.
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@rossdcurrie haha the app uses iCloud sync to back up ideas so I don't have access. Tim Cook is the only one who can steal your ideas
@ptaylorsimpson @rossdcurrie Thought the exact same thing... hah
Not trying to be rude, but your site burns my eyes.
@nicksloggett haha fair enough. I should probably tone that bad boy down
@nicksloggett @ptaylorsimpson I think it's fun - appreciate you going off the beaten path here and trying something new. Nice work!
@nicksloggett *checks if I'm on Hacker News*
Just saw this pop up today.
Interesting to see this, I really like Elevatr and on a first look I don't see a huge difference between these two apps… The name of the app is pretty cool Pete ;)
@redpandacan Yeah, I was definitely inspired by Elevatr and leanstack.com. The main differentiator for me was that I wanted something that was easy to categorize my ideas as well as give them sort of a priority from 0-10. Easier for me to compartmentalize I suppose for what sideproject I may want to work on next. Also keeps my insomnia fueled by always knowing what project to think about before bed ;)
Cool App! I keep my ideas in Workflowy currently. I know this is a 1.0 but I'd probably want backup of data (dropbox or other) before I invested in the app so I could have peace of mind. One thing that I do (and could also be a way to make app social but in an anonymous way) is to have categories feed back into system...so most popular categories could be auto populated when creating a new idea and you could start to structure the ideas and potential add social features around categories later. In addition to categories (like say Consumer Web) I also have a secondary dimension(s) I attach to my ideas which is theme (i.e. Vertical Authority Building). Perhaps something like tags could accomplish this.
@bracco thanks mike! It currently uses iCloud sync by default, but I agree that it would be pretty powerful to have Dropbox sync or something similar as well to make viewing ideas on desktop easier. I got a pretty good response so I want to whip together a Mac app too so people can expand ideas on all apple devices. Also really like the idea of autopopulating the category field with your most used category or something? -- would definitely be useful for me! I'll include that in the next update.