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A ha, the perfect way for the makers of this app to get a ton of amazing ideas for their next startup :)
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@gkoberger We totally agree with you! This was something we kept in mind when creating and designing IdeaBox!
@ramtinnikbakht oh no, I meant it's the perfect way for *you* to steal ideas :) (Really, though, great app!)
@gkoberger hahaha! Thats funny, a little miscommunication. Rest assured, your ideas are safe and sound!
Looks simple and useful. Please make Android version! *sigh*
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@v4violetta But the water is so nice over here in Apple land...
@v4violetta thanks, we look forward to making an Android version in the future!
@v4violetta @xmcgraw Apple land is a very nice place to be, but Android has some very cool places of its own and we can't wait to have our Android folks enjoy all the benefits of IdeaBox as well!
Ah, a perfect place to plan my revolutionary Uber for dogs service.
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@_jamesmundy Oh come on, cats need it more. :D
@_jamesmundy @v4violetta cats, dogs, hamsters, you name it, you can plan for any revolutionary Uber'esque service you are passionate about!
Great little app and so much better than the iOS notes app! Easy to use and well designed! What I am missing most is a password protection feature. Also the possibility to attach photos and voice recordings to your ideas would be great. Keep it up!
@iamflori Thank You for your feedback, we have a long list of updates that we are currently working on, including the features you have mentioned! Stay tuned to receive the latest news & updates from IdeaBox.
@ramtinnikbakht Any updates here?
Would love to see a social component here. Don't want to pursue an idea, but fleshed out a good amount of research? Throw it to the wolves and let someone else take it on.