99% of new companies won't raise institutional capital. Of the 1% that do, 99% of those won't become "unicorns." Idea to Startup gathers insights from founders that have built amazing businesses without funding. Presented by Tacklebox Accelerator.
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Hey Product Hunt! I've been running Tacklebox, an accelerator for super-early stage (pre-product) founders in NYC, the past four years. I've met with thousands of idea stage founders and they all want to talk about how to raise funding. This isn't surprising, as the majority of startup content centers around funding. The reality is 99% of businesses don't raise institutional funding, so for most people this path isn't realistic. Idea to Startup focuses on tactics that will help founders build fundamentally sound businesses where funding becomes an option rather than a necessity. We interview the founders of companies like The Wirecutter, Brooklinen, Luke's Lobster, Dos Toros, Baron Fig, etc. to try and deconstruct their early days to see what can be helpful for your startup. Season One is 11 episodes long, with the first two episodes going live today. Hope it's helpful!
Another great initiative! How cool is that! @good luck, @dato22!
@lubo thanks!!
Love the podcast and love tacklebox. My time there was a great way to validate our idea, choose the right path and be 100% sure before ultimately getting into YC and raising VC. I loved having the option and critically thinking whether or not to go that route, thanks to Tacklebox’s focus on revenue and customers.
@dchhugani Thanks Deepak! Very much appreciated.
Love this, glad more content in this area is being created! Companies need to hear the stories of various types of success.
@frank_denbow thanks Frank!! Following your lead.

Tacklebox is such an incredible accelerator! I'm so excited about them branching into a podcast.


It's very actionable about how to build - not "go learn how to raise money"