Idea Paint

Create a usable, interactive space on any flat surface

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I've worked with this product in a stint with a painting contractor. Strongly recommend professional installation mentioned by them. Also, make sure your wall is textured appropriately. Similar products are available from Rust-Oleum and others. In all cases proper application is really, really key to being happy.
@paullaz Do many painting contractors know about this?
@jennalanger it is more common for commercial painters to be familiar than residential. A great source for finding a contractor is the PDCA -
Yes @dshan! An E-Tower, Babson College idea!
Love this product. A Babson College idea, I believe.
@dshan yup, you're right. I knew them back when they built the prototype while undergrads @ Babson. It's a great story...
Wow, a lot of Babson pride in this post! As mentioned, the founding story of this company is great... took a very long time from a college idea to reality (who knew paint was so complicated). Initial versions required occupants to leave the office for 3+ days due to fumes but I hear it is now much better. As mentioned above, professional installation will likely lead to a better finished product experience.
Turn any flat surface into a whiteboard (desk, office walls, countertops). Used by the likes of PayPal, Reebok, and Hubspot to spur creativity.