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#2 Product of the DaySeptember 08, 2014
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Bill GrossMaker@bill_gross · CEO, Idealab
I am really looking forward to see what categories of new ideas are submitted, but I am REALLY looking forward to helping people with entrepreneurial ambition from all around the world. I hope our platform can really encourage new company formation in all locales.
Paisano@paisano · Applanta
Here's an idea... upgrade hosting account before being featured on producthunt which will crush your account. ;)
Vj AnmaMaker@vjanma · CEO, IdeaMarket
@paisano Good idea :-) Account is now enabled.
Santosh SankarHunter@santoshsankar · Cofounder, Director, Dynamo
Reminds me of Assembly in a way, except it focuses on building not just the product but also a full business led by a team of founders. To some degree, it helps address the glut of ideas people have but the lack of resources (or interest) to execute on them. Referencing the Pando article, how does the 5% get allocated to "members of the crowd who meaningfully improved the idea during the comment period"?
Vj AnmaMaker@vjanma · CEO, IdeaMarket
@santoshsankar We have a review process (similar to Quirky) where we take in consideration many signals like the contribution someone made, how the community values the contribution etc to allocate the equity.
Ash Rust@ashrust · Cofounder, & CEO SendHub
Is there a weakness here if someone sees an idea and then starts a company w/o going through the product?
@ashrust this assumes the idea is really valuable, when really its the execution. There are no shortages of ideas in the world. We haven't seen any issues with the open-ness of products on
Vj AnmaMaker@vjanma · CEO, IdeaMarket
@ashrust More power to people who can do that. We believe that there is lot of friction in creating new startups and if we can eliminate some of the friction, it would create more awesome startups.
Ash Rust@ashrust · Cofounder, & CEO SendHub
@mdeiters I think ideas have value, they're just acorns, not oaks. If nobody cares their idea might be used 'out of network' that's great - execution is certainly the hardest part.
Ash Rust@ashrust · Cofounder, & CEO SendHub
@vjanma Always in favor of that, I just worry that some people with great ideas might keep them to themselves - outside of tech I regularly meet people who are afraid to share their ideas.
@ashrust I didn't mean to say ideas were worthless. To elaborate, a person that comes up with an idea/execution strategy/etc probably has a lot more context around the problem to be solved then a random individual on the internet that reads some paragraphs and decides to steal an idea. Regardless, if the idea is good - you will eventually see the clones appear
Stuart McCroden@mccroden · (undefined)
@vjanma Looks like there is a lot of info printing to console. I'm logged in and using Chrome. Also, Downvotes don't work--or at least there is not indication that anything happened. Haven't tried up-voting.
Vj AnmaMaker@vjanma · CEO, IdeaMarket
@McCroden Thanks for letting me know. Up vote / down vote is registered in our backend. But don't have visual indication. Will do something about it.
Vj AnmaMaker@vjanma · CEO, IdeaMarket
@McCroden We have added a alert. Not the best solution. But something to get up and running :-) Stuart, I appreciate you taking the time to provide constructive feedback.