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Idea Hunt is a platform that connects companies, people and ideas. Each hunt focuses on a specific challenge, for example: What is the killer feature we are missing? What is the best use case for our product? How can we attract more users? An Idea Hunt typically lasts for 2 weeks, and the best ideas get rewarded. The company that creates the campaign puts forth the rewards Top benefits for campaigners are: + Engage your community (retention) + Acquire new members (acquisition) + Gather ideas & feedback Top benefits for contributors are: + Help the products you love + Join a strong community of creative types + Have the chance to collect rewards Idea Hunt is a great way for product managers, community managers, inbound marketers, and growth hackers to engage and build their community, as well as validate and improve their product. It’s designed to work well with SAAS, hardware, games, podcasts and social network products. A special thanks to the startups that are launching Idea Hunts on our platform this week, and putting forth awesome challenges and prizes including wearables, drones, and a cloud-connected notebook: Narrative Clip, Rocketbook, CoDrone, ReVault, Lifee and Tracy. Thank you for checking us out. We look forward to your feedback and ideas.
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Looks great! Looking forward to using this.
@tomsoderlund Thanks Tom! We look forward to having you try it
I've been thinking about the feedback process between product designers and users a lot lately, and I' gotta say I'm lovin' this. Good work, @tribaling My one complaint is the sign up form. I'm totally one of those people that groans when they see more than 3 or 4 text fields in a form (I know, I know. I'm lazy). Really hope this gets a lot of attention from campaigners; could be very valuable. How are you planning to market to them? Aside from product hunt of course...
@dancyfits That's really good feedback on the login form, and I also think we need social login for people that prefer them. So far we have personally reached out to campaigners, and we will keep doing that. We of course hope that this will spread word-of-mouth, and stay "top of mind" when people think about tools for gathering feedback, as well as engaging and growing their community. Please let us know if you have any other ideas for us on the marketing front?
@tribaling You should get @rrhoover in on this! I bet a lot of people here have a lot of good ideas for PH. Is there any incentive after a campaigner signs up to share on twitter, facebook, etc? That'll be key, I think; campaigners with large followings soliciting for feedback. And people really want to give feedback to, reward or not. I can't begin to tell you how often I wish there was a better way to suggest a feature to my favorite todo app, Evernote, etc. And a place where campaigners can ask for feedback that facilitates constructive conversation should be hugely valuable. Man, I'm rambling. The more I think about this, the more excited I am for it!
@dancyfits @rrhoover It would be awesome to feature a specific challenge for the PH community! I believe that there are many benefits for makers that are preparing a Product Hunt launch, as well as something they can use to engage their new sign-ups afterwards.
@dancyfits Lots of great feedback to ponder there. I think the main incentive for a campaigner to share is to bring in their own network and community to their Idea Hunt. Happy to hear that you see a space for better tools for feedback. :)
@tribaling Glad to help! Definitely a lot of space/need for better feedback tools, and I think this is a great example of what's possible. I'll keep adding my feedback on the idea hunt campaign, but feel free to tweet me if you need anything specific!
Very interesting Product to create products and the best part is 'Real People help you to build the product'. Creating interest before the pre-launch and also incorporating the best features directly with the help of actual users of your product . A new game in Tech and Startup world will begin if IDEAHUNT is effectively implemented. Many thanks for Elia for bringing awesome product to the the tech surface.
@riser_spy I am really happy to hear that, and agree that a platform like this is needed. Startups and products live and die by feedback. We have had a LOT of people help us make Idea Hunt what it is, and we look forward to developing it further in the same community spirit
Just a tiny PSA: this stock photo of a lady holding sparkler has been featured as the main image on at least 4 different products I've seen on PH. It's lovely, but maybe it's time to retire it.
@ghromis Thanks, we will take that to heart