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Steve Jobs said "creativity is just connecting things". Since great ideas are just a different combination of existing concepts we came up with the idea generation cards. Whether it is for Business, Writers or Creative challenges we aim to help the community by giving them the tool they need to connect words, to open their mind and come up with the next big things. So take your chance and start shuffling cards from the deck you’d like! On a fun note we created a drinking game deck for some entertaining moments with friends: And another one for people who would like to spice their sex life:
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It looks great. I was shuffling through the "Better sex life" deck (not that I need it...) and this combination came up. You should add a disclaimer saying you don't take responsibility if people get arrested :D Cool product and very useful standard decks for creating startups ideas and marketing campaigns.
@guilherme_duarte Thanks for the tip :D Glad to see you enjoyed using our product!