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facebook login only? it would be nice if you were to broaden login and signup options
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@passingnotes I know man, I just didn't want to burden people with another password and email login, you know? I may add it in the future if people like this little app. Thanks for the feedback!
@nhuebecker @passingnotes Yeah, that would do it! I'd be really interested to see conversion rate differences between email vs social vs phone login.
@andrewpierno @passingnotes better integrate twitter option atleast, eager to try this ..
@andrewpierno @passingnotes I love ideas like this and would love to try it out, but don't have a FB account and don't see email login. Would love to give it a try if you add in email or Twitter/G+ logins!
This is cool. Would be nice to be able to tell the submitter the name of an app that already does what their idea is suggesting.
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@kverde damn, thats really really good.
@kverde Definitely need this - at least a third of the ideas I've seen so far already exist.
I was inspired by Seth Godin's Alternative MBA and the thousand or so ideas one of the teams came up with. The takeaway is that the execution is more important than the idea itself, so here's a public repository of ideas. Use it for inspiration, or testing your ideas on other people anonymously. See which of your ideas got the most love, or the most hate. This is part of my attempt to launch 4 products in 4 weeks. This is the first!
@andrewpierno almost like pitchcard.io :)
@yulian_ustiyanovych yep, just like pitchcard, but with a lot less purple.
How do I know that my idea was liked or disliked?
@galeriks If you login, there is a button on the top right called 'My Ideas'. This will take you to a table where you can see all the ideas you entered and how many people liked or disliked it. On the 'My Ideas' page, there will be another button in the nav bar that will take you to all the ideas you have liked.
I gave it a go. Pretty interesting concept @andrewpierno. There would be value in being able to save ideas and getting notifications if an idea gets upvoted X amount of times. You could use it to qualify an idea essentially.
@jacquesvh if you login and submit an idea, there will be a nav bar item that says 'My Ideas'. All your ideas and stats live there.
@jacquesvh as I understood, @andrewpierno meant that it would be good to save ideas of others in your "collection" to see how many upvotes that got afte rall
@andrewpierno Awesome Andrew. That's what I meant. Thanks @ekaterina_kharitonova for clarifying.