Generate a unique & secure email address for every website

IdBloc protects your privacy & security by generating permanent, anonymous email addresses on demand.
Use IdBloc whenever someone wants your email address. Emails are automatically forwarded to your real address, keeping your identity secure.
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I have been using a different email address for every website / login / mailing list for a little while now. I first started with gmail plus addresses, then a custom domain. I realised that not everyone has the time to setup their own domain, but everyone should be able to benefit from the enhanced security & privacy of keeping their email address private. So I've made it into a product. Let me know your thoughts!
What is up with the confirmation emails? They wouldn't come to
@ycomt try again now, should be fixed :)
I'm not getting the confirmation email, both in junk or in my regular inbox. I'm using gmail! Love the concept otherwise though.