The world's smallest smart card reader

+iD is the world's smallest smart card reader.

Hi @fredrikaurdal thanks for hunting. Have you used the +iD? Is it easy to set up and use?
@ems_hodge Yes, I have been using it for some time with my e-residency card, it works really well and takes almost no space 🙂
This is one of those things I rely on for connectivity for security reasons, so I need a corded one in case the device I'm working on is a weird size, or I'm in cramped spaced. Neat design maybe for the nomad traveler but very impairing for me as a worldly biz traveler working in consumer electronics. I suppose though, that I could just use a USB extender though, but that would defeat the purpose, and my device is far more rugged (and cheap).
@matt_dba Yea, it's not that rugged, more about size that makes it practical for those who need that.
@fredrikaurdal no no, totally get it, very cool.