Open-source Mac menubar calendar app

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Elliot Ronen
Elliot Ronen@elliotronen · Senior Product at Marvel
Why is this app over 100MB? Itsycal, which has more functionality, is 3.3MB.
RandyMaker@randyloop · Frontend Developer
@elliotronen It is because Electron. lol
Elliot Ronen
Elliot Ronen@elliotronen · Senior Product at Marvel
@randyloop It's neat that it's open source and all, but doesn't seem like a proper tradeoff when there are plenty of better options out there.
Jordan Finnigan
Jordan Finnigan@jadojodo · Developer @ Dealer Inspire
This looks almost identical to the iStat Menus 5 calendar:
Ivo Dimitrov
Ivo Dimitrov@gogola · Product Director at Modulbank
Nice, but how can I move it?
Josh Crowder
Josh Crowder@joshcrowder · Founder,
@gogola I havent tried but if you hold down `cmd` you should be able to drag it
Alexey Panfilov
Alexey Panfilov@new_user_7f1ef13f4b · Product manager
@joshcrowder @gogola It doesn't work =(
Some Guy
Some Guy@ghobs91 · Head Of Winging It, Denarri
@gogola Apparently El Capitan removed the ability to move non-system menu bar items around.
Bud Hennekes
Bud Hennekes@aboundlessworld · I'm Bud. I connect people and ideas.
@gogola Try giving "Bartender" a go. It's fantastic.
tom meagher
tom meagher@tomfme · now is good.
Also, similar to Itsycal and Day-O.
Carsten Knobloch
Carsten Knobloch@caschy · Blogger
This App has no functions nor a menü to shutdown... oO
Elliot Ronen
Elliot Ronen@elliotronen · Senior Product at Marvel
@caschy To quit, click on the calendar while it's open and use CMD+Q. That's what I did shortly before uninstalling it.