Keep your investments under control with crypto alerts

Cryptocurrency app to help with digital asset investments.
We connect with coinbase or any open wallet so you can create alerts based on any wallet/currency to control your assets.
If you are not sure about crypto, you can also simulate wallets on real time.
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If I have currencies spread over multiple exchanges, can I just enter the coins and amounts I want to track?
@gmuldark Seconding this question.
@gmuldark If I'm getting your question right, yes you can. E.g. You might have bitcoin and ethereum spread in different wallets from different providers and you can use iCrypts to see all of them in one place and have the same alert or custom ones per currency and wallet. @glennf__ff I hope that answer your question too. If I'm getting the wrong end of the stick just let me know and we can discuss it here or over private message.
Hello Makers and crypto enthusiasts! After months of hard work, we are happy to present our latest project to the general public: iCrypts. iCrypts is a mobile app to help people to control their investments in digital assets. It can connect with Coinbase or web wallets and users can create custom alerts on their wallets or any cryptocurrency. If you don't have any cryptocurrency yet but are interested on them, you can also download the app and use our simulated wallets to try it before start any investment. Please let us know what you like and what would you expect from the app in the future. Thanks!