Free and awesome pixel-perfect icons set

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Hi, guys! I created this free set. I am pleased a lot that you like it :) You know? With guys from http://iskragency.com we plan to create more freebies in future. You can support us with a little donation if you want. And you can ask questions for sure :)
Guys, here is Sketch version of Icony and IconyOutlines http://cl.ly/190w2S052O3F http://cl.ly/1i0E3R3g400L Enjoy :)
@bsoo you da man. :)
Beautiful stuff.
Amazing! Thanks for the share!
Hey Sasha, glad to have you join us! :) I know beggars can't be choosers, but do you plan on having a Sketch template available for the icons? Right now, working with the PNG in Sketch is pretty cumbersome. #1stworldproblems
@alirtariq I haven't downloaded them but it says SVG is included, those should import into Sketch no problem.
@alirtariq check it out :)