Pee-proof underwear that keeps you dry

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I love the pic! 😂 @_pascal I'm trying to see where the line is for "tech".... Airbnb, Uber are not Software First Stuff ... Product Hunt even has the word "product" in it. This is a really great product and hundreds of millions of women around the globe suffer from weak bladders after giving birth.
Pee-proof underwear that keeps you dry and odor-free from light leaks.
Should not be part of the tech feed :-/
@_pascalandy But if it was, say, a sweat-proof work-out shirt for men, that would be okay right?
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"VIPee list" y e s (Edit: sorry, didn't mean to make this a reply. But while I'm here and can't delete this—what @gregcorby said)
@gregcorby I swear. It's not alright. I post my thoughts on it https://www.producthunt.com/tech... and here it is again. P.S. It has nothing to do with man or woman stuff either. --- Subject: Software First Stuff (SFS) @anthonyadams @mg I agree with what you are saying. I know you guys from a Tim Ferriss posts about 3 years ago. Again you have a solid product and this is not the point. I believe that on PH, we need to draw a line on the sand. Else the broad definition of "tech" will make PH tech feed useless. You know like a zoo. What’s your POV @rrhoover ? I would say that most folks that are checking out PH (like other check out the New-York Time & BuzzFeed) are looking for Software First Stuff (SFS). We are not looking for a commodities with cool feat. I go to Kickstarter and IndieGogo for this. Also, IMHO, PH is not about startups (the way to launch a sustainable business) but SFS. SFS = an application that I can run on a computer/phone. Cheers! Pascal
Shouldn't you see a doctor if you pee yourself?
@quad_bx Sure, but that doesn't really have anything to do with the value of this product. Not only is it very common for people with vaginas to have bladder control issues (like the site says, 1 in 3), but this is a great product for once you've seen the doctor and they say (most of the time) "This is just part of being post-natal/getting older." Also, it's a useful companion to tampons and saves money + waste on liners.