ICONSVG is a tool to simplify the process of finding and generating SVG icons for your project. You can browse a collection of basic and commonly-used interface icons, modify some of its appearances, then download the icon or copy the SVG code into your code editor.

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Hello again Product Hunt πŸ‘‹! I made this tool because I feel like there should be a much simpler way to quickly generate/customise common SVG icons for my project, especially while doing bunch of front-end development. You no longer have to open any design tool just to resize or change stroke style/color. You'll be able to do that and copy the resulting SVG code directly from this tool! Let me know what do you think about this project πŸ™ƒ Most of the icons in this project are optimised version of feathericons.com by @colebemis (huge fan πŸ™Œ)
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You're a champ, @gaddafirusli . Keep creating :)
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@weirdowizard Thanks for the support!
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Great tool, thanks! But that is the license? May I use it for commercial purposes?
@gordinmitya Thanks! Yes, it's free for personal and commercial purposes.
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Super useful icons! Thanks a lot!
Great product Gaddafi! I want more lol. Are you planning to continue to add icons to this collection? You could offer access to a premium set for $$ πŸ˜ƒ
Also, I think there is an error with the last icon (purple folder with +) in your last image, which is also being used as your og image. The + is out of alignment.
@mbrunygroth I do have plan to add more icons. Also looking into allowing other people to contribute icons. Also, the last image is actually a folder with an 'x'. there's another one with a '+' 😬
@mbrunygroth Oh u mean in the image. Ok got it. Thanks for letting me know. Totally missed that haha
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@gaddafirusli No problem. Looking out for a fellow maker πŸ˜ƒ