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I think this is a great resource of designer inspiration, similar to logofaves. Thanks for submitting @danmaslo
@romanzadyrako Thanks, it's inspired by Robin's @pttrns
@danmaslo kudos! love this site
Where's 'fashion'?
@tomflemming No one submitted icon from fashion category so far.
@tomflemming There is no fashion category in the Apple App Store. Fashion apps are usually categorized in the lifestyle category.
I like the color tab on the side. How are you getting these icons?
@nucleics_inc Icons are from AppStore.
This is a really nice resource. How are you carrying out the curation? I noticed that the approval/rejection process for submitted icons was very quick - is there an automated element to it at all, or did I just catch you at the right time?
@siburb Thanks. Curation is made by humans. There are only algorithms to calculate similar icons.