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#3 Product of the DayNovember 12, 2017

We (Icons8) asked several talented composers to create music that fit the explainer videos. As a result, you have 10 tracks that will help to tell your story. They are nothing to do with a typical stock audio, cheap and plastic. They are alive; they have the soul of the author, they are fair. And yes, they are free.

  • Marina Yalanska
    Marina YalanskaTech/design blogger. CMO/Writer at Tubik

    It's high quality, free and easily available, supportive for variety of digital projects even for users with low budget or tech literacy


    Look forward to more. Perhaps, it could be useful to add more tracks oriented on children as well as the ones imitating natural sounds.

    Icons8 team show higher and higher diversity in the kinds of stuff they offer to the global creative community - and what's amazing, that stuff is free and easy to access. Thanks guys, you're so cool and generous, keep rocking!

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  • Pros: 

    good idea


    bad implementation of free pack

    some simple sounds should be included in free pack

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Filip Kordanovski
Filip Kordanovski@filip_kordanovski · Front-End Web Developer & Designer
Thanks a lot for this. All of the available songs are unique and have a soul. Can we please have an ETA on when you're going to be releasing new songs and how often? Also, how can we support your work, donations etc?
Nastya Grebneva
Nastya GrebnevaMaker@nastya_grebneva · Community manager
@filip_kordanovski For now we can't say for sure when there will be new ones. Also in the future we plan to partner with talented composers to create a music stock with subscriptions. Thank you for asking about the support! Right now we will be happy just to have a backlink to the project :)
idea is good, but everything is paid