Access the entire Icons8 icon library without leaving Figma!
✨ Thousands of free icons
🎨 Choose from 32 popular styles
📏 Easily get the right pixel perfect icon size
🖼 Icons in PNG (free for a link) or SVG (Pro)
🔍 Searchable and categorized
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7 Reviews5.0/5
When Figma announced it was making a plugin system, we were excited. We use Figma for our internal UI designs, so we quickly added making our own plugin to our backlog. And now today is the day! This lightweight plugin gives you access to all of our acclaimed icons, with easy to use options for sizing, formatting, and search. At Icons8 we have been hand-crafting icons for the last 6 years, this lets us offer the largest, most consistent icon packs around. Choose from 30 different styles to match whatever project you are working on. We offer an extensive free tier–thousands of PNG icons are available for free–all we ask is that you use add a link to to credit us. Happy Designing!
Some integrations are just an obvious win-win. Even while in testing this little, but powerful plugin has already saved a ton of time creating new web designs. Give it a try :)
Cool to see how the team keeps up with not only what interface designers need but also where they need it. Keep rocking, guys!
Icons8 in Figma! Whoopee, thanks!
Great work guys! Thank you.
@valeripotchekailov congratulations with the yesterday release!