Celebrity entertainment booking platform by Ja Rule

Iconn is a platform to simplify the booking process of celebrity entertainment.

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What could go wrong...
On one side: I'm surprised to see Ja Rule drop this app right after all the Fyre Festival controversy. On the other side: Now might be the best time to launch while he and Fyre Festival are top of mind.
@rrhoover Same here - Fyre Festival is all over Netflix and Hulu - idea is great ! timing ?
@rrhoover btw , why do you need my friend list while login with Fb?
@renjith_ramachandran it allows users to find their Facebook friends on PH.
@rrhoover Ok... Sorry to say... I always disable it , due to lack of trust of Fb
Please do a festival.
but what is he prepared to do to make this a success?? #evian
As @jasonnellis mentioned on Twitter, I dont believe this is a different app. This is the Fyre app rebranded and unless rev is going to making amends to everyone they screwed -- bye.
also super appropriate name for the agency who currently has artists on the site https://imgur.com/a/GhQwgDA
I agree with you. If this is associated and part of that mess, it should accountable for those damages. The idea itself seems good, but the way everything got tangled up is not.