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You are a fraud, you just deleted your medium post and git repo. Good thing is that google has cache feature so you can hide that you bragged with someone else source code as your own! https://webcache.googleuserconte...
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and here is the deleted github repo https://webcache.googleuserconte...
@toni_biocic Hello Toni, like I mentioned on Twitter as well, I apologized and talked with @tadija and we sorted things out. Thanks again for understanding 🙏
Hey @agisilaostsaras was @tadija super mean to you like you said on Twitter :)
@toni_biocic Hey man, like I mentioned we sorted things out with @tadija so let's not continue this conversation. Thank you 🙏
So, let's get this straight: the "maker" stole the entire codebase from https://github.com/tadija/AEIcon..., changed a single word of copy and added a few newlines, and reposted it all as his own "work"?! Tsk, tsk, tsk... Time to click that handy "Flag" button.
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@lazarstojkovic Hello Lazar, I wanted to say that I apologized to @tadija and we sorted things out. Thanks for understanding.
nice job @agisilaostsaras but you could at least honor the original license for this code "you wrote" :) https://github.com/tadija/AEIcon...
@tadija I made a bunch of changes but yeah you're right! I thought that I already did that 🤔 Sorry for that!
@agisilaostsaras yup, totally a bunch of changes: http://linediff.com/?id=5910dd54... but you can still fix that license though ;)
Hey, everyone! Agis here, the developer behind Iconinator. I'm pumped to finally get this plugin out into the designer (and engineer) community. Iconinator is a Sketch plugin that provides a means to generate sets of App Artwork icons for the iOS Platform. Iconinator provides you with a tool (App Icon generator) that can be continually altered to your liking, in order to maximize on the workflow of your design work, getting an idea for the direction you're headed. When it comes to using Sketch for App Icon design, Sketch itself provides you with the basics of what is needed, like a variety of artboard sizes for different icon sizes. But nothing within or outside of Sketch existed until now, that provided you with a means of generating app icon artwork in general and make your workflow much more efficient with a great UX. The plugin itself is a WIP, as this is 1.0, but we'd love your feedback, questions and more to ensure we adapt and add based on your needs. Given that, feel free to send all of that our way. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!
Does it automatically round to pixel for different sizes?
@stephenmarklevi Hello Stephen, thanks for the question, yes it does that :) Let me know if you have any other questions.