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Hi Product Hunters! We started Iconery as a way to democratize access to small-batch manufacturing for fine jewelry designers. It costs about $50,000 to create a fine jewelry collection, and that huge barrier to entry makes it hard for some of the most talented designers to go into business. Enter Iconery: we make it easy for jewelry designers to create a collection with $0 capital and 0% inventory risk using CAD design and 3D printers. What’s great is that because we’re the manufacturer AND retailer, designers can offer their collections at direct-to-consumer prices. Ladies, this means you can get that diamond stackable ring you’ve been coveting without the 2.2x retail mark-up! We recently launched and currently have 19 designers on the platform. If you’re a jewelry designer, or know someone who is, we’d especially love to get your feedback. Interested in being part of Iconery? Apply here: http://bit.ly/IconeryApplication. Finally, we want to give a huge thanks to @jacqvon (an aspiring jewelry designer herself) and @bentossell from PH for their help!
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Hey @caivka ! So great to have you on PH! I love what you're doing in the space of fine jewelry. I have a few questions about how things work on Iconery: Do you print the jewelry yourselves and ship them out from Iconery's main location? Do designers on your site create a line just for Iconery? I'd love to hear more about how you choose designers and how their work is created. Both designed and manufactured. Is it all 3D printed? Very, very cool concept. I'm completely sold on what you're doing. Especially the fact that you're focused on real jewelry. I am so tired of great designs in metals that don't stand up to the test of time. 💎🙌💎
@jacqvon Great questions! 1. Iconery 3D prints, casts, polishes and sets stones in our main manufacturing facility in Florida. All the jewelry comes through headquarters in Venice Beach before going out to the customer. 2. Some designers create a line just for Iconery, but we want them to be successful wherever they want to sell, whether on their own site or in physical retail. We produce for them regardless of where they sell. 3. Today we hand-pick and curate who's on the site. This is important so that we offer compelling selection for customers. I would personally wear every one of the 400+ pieces we have on the site. In the near future we will open the marketplace up to all designers so they have access to manufacturing, but we will always maintain a curated selection for consumers. Andrea Linett, our Creative Director (Sassy, Harper's Bazaar, Founder of Lucky Magazine and Former Creative Director for Michael Kors and eBay Fashion) selects the designers and pieces. She also works directly with influencers to develop and launch their collections on Iconery. We have some very cool people launching this year! 4. 3D printing is an important part of our manufacturing process, but once a piece becomes popular we create a rubber mold. This reduces the cost of the piece and is much more efficient time-wise. 3D printing is great for one-offs and incredibly intricate pieces. But, here's where we're different from other 3D printed jewelry sites: having the flexibility to 3D print or use rubber molds ultimately benefits the designer and consumer. It can cost upwards of $30 to print a 3D mold, whereas it's pennies for wax from rubber molds. We'd prefer to pass the cost savings onto the consumer by choosing the optimal way to produce a piece once we know it's a proven design. Besides the 3D printing, we also offer designers the capability to add stones to their designs, so consumers get incredible selection.
@caivka Thanks for the info! Great work.
Congrats Ivka!!
@colinvincent Really appreciate your support!
I love Iconery. I have a few pieces and am so impressed with the quality, they are quickly becoming my favorite. Iconery makes designer jewelry affordable. The team and designers are incredible too! Thank you and keep making the world more beautiful.
@crystalrose our designers thank you! We love making beautiful pieces for beautiful people.
@caivka so glad to see you here!! #Iconery's jewels are so chic - knew you were up to something awesome. Nice work!
@rebeccall80 Thanks Rebecca!! Xx