Maps nice and large favicons to domain names.

UPDATE: Added the most requested icons by users referred from ProductHunt. Also it's now possible to just throw a shortname at iconbin, like facebook over facebook.com, where identification is clear. Many insights gained. Thanks for the feedback!
Many domains I tried didn't work, while a similar product that was on PH earlier, Clearbit, works flawlessly: http://blog.clearbit.com/logo/. And then there's also http://instantlogosearch.com
@grooveplex Hey! The Clearbit API is absolutely new to me :) Icons on https://iconbin.com are added manually by users via https://github.com/psolbach/iconbin, so there’s no scraping or other automation! Instead, icons can be used as image sources with URLs (like Clearbit) and are also extendable and peer-reviewed on Github. Best of both worlds? Still a bit of work ahead.
Only working with popular sites. It will be good if you put default 'Not Found' image in case of failure. Currently it keeps previous search result or don't show anything.
@ch_amol Thanks for your feedback! For now, I might add, because this is a community effort. You are very welcome to add any icons you find missing to the repo at https://github.com/psolbach/iconbin. I'm also having an eye on server logs as to see which icons are requested and fix some myself.