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Hi guys, we have launched a new icon language inside Adioma where you can browse icons by category and use them right away in any infographic template. Now making an infographic will be significantly faster.
Cool service with slightly inadequate pricing.
@vladzima agree, I would actually use this for work, but maybe 1-2/month tops. Doesn't need to be free for sure, but some tier more reflective of that usage for me anyway. I might be an outlier though.
@jud5on I agree, could be a one-time payment for one piece, not fully subscription based. More flexibility would be nice.
@vladzima Pay per download?
@jud5on How do you use infographics once a month?
@vladzima I'd say create a few infographics for free during the trial and see if the value you get out of them is higher than what you paid. I've seen some users create Adioma infographics and get 6,000 likes per post on Facebook, for example.
This is how I use icon language inside Adioma:
I am hoping for a series of social impact icons for use in VR and other interactive media beyond infographics as well but do not want to give my credit card info to search your iconography.
@amoration What sort of keywords would you search these icons by?
@amoration Added these VR icons today
cool but... very expensive :S i can use canva instead and for free, also 1/4 cheap
@sanshiro Sanshiro, what kind of infographics do you make? Adioma is best for long infographics that you need to make fast. We use generative templates to solve the problem of having to add text and connectors manually.
@sanshiro If you make infographics with a lot of content, then Adioma will save you a lot of time. For short graphics with few points there are other tools that can do the job.
@annavitals you have 8 templates and the "generative" is just an icon search! 35 usd for an icon search IS very expensive
@sanshiro Sanshiro, the generative templates is separate from icons. By "generative" I mean that when you add points to your infographic, the template extends to accommodate more points automatically. So the template generates those points without you having to. There are many more of these templates - you can see them when you click "More Templates" on the upper right. Let me know if you found that option or not.
@sanshiro Here you can see dynamic examples of the generative templates. When you hover or tap on them, they will animate - https://adioma.com/infographic-t...