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5,000 icons for iOS, android, websites & apps 🚀

Hey Producthunt friends :)

We are proud to show the world’s sharpest Icons created.

5,000 unique icons in 101 different categories.

Drawn by hand and designed to perfection.

The new generation of icons that will enhance your daily workflow.

Try our free pack of 100 icons: https://goo.gl/8Ss37r

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10 Reviews5.0/5
Looks good! I wish though it was searchable though. Going through 5000 icons takes a long time..
@tal_s you could search for example on MacBook, typing “Command + F” and search the word of the icons you’re looking for, this is how I search quicker for icons :)
Yet another awesome HQ icon pack by the maker of Pixelicons :)

I really like this one for great interface and usefull tools


Easy to use



Thanks for this amazing feedback :)
Something I've always wondered is how many hours it takes to create one of these icon kits. It must be huge?
@highaced 11 Month all set :)