Cloud infrastructure compliance and security as-a-service

iCompaas provides a suite of tools and services to maintain the Compliance and Security posture of your cloud infrastructure. We automate services of a Cloud Security Specialist, a Compliance Analyst, and a Cloud Architect all rolled into one product.
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Hello Producthunters! We are happy to launch our cloud infrastructure security and compliance product - iCompaas! Our team has experience working in mid-sized and large enterprises where automating security and compliance is painstaking and really expensive. Even after the advent of cloud IAAS, most companies continue to struggle with securing their application stack due to a lack of good automation tools. And we wanted to fill that gap with our product. We believe companies of all sizes should get the benefit of top quality security and compliance software at a low cost. This is our mission and we are launching on producthunt.com today to get your feedback. Here are some of our product highlights: Security - We provide cloud infrastructure security where we cover AWS Well-Architected Framework, checking if Interfaces and APIs are Insecure, validate configurations, User and Permissions Management(RBAC), Authentication events, check for Malicious Insiders and Account Hijacking attempts. Compliance - Real-time monitoring of compliance changes with resource-level details, along with report generation. We offer compliance solutions such as CIS Level 1 & 2 and HIPAA; Coming soon with GDPR, PCI DSS, NIST CSF, NIST 800-53, SOC 2, ISO 27001, and CSA CCM. Cost Optimization - We monitor usage patterns and provide a breakdown of cost using various dimensions like services, type of operation, and regions. Our tool will find unused and hidden resources that can be decommissioned to potentially save Capex and Opex costs. We also offer cost forecasting and reduction recommendations, and also recommendations based on usage(CPU, Memory, Storage). Looking forward to engaging with the community; our team of makers is available all day (and night) to answer any of your questions. Cheers! JP
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Forgot to mention, we currently only support AWS infrastructure only but Azure and GCP are coming soon.
How are you automating security?
@praveenhotha Thanks for your question! We have created backend engine that calls AWS APIs to retrieve the metadata; we then process the data to see if our security policies are being violated. Thats where we check configurations, user permissions, cloudtrail events, just to name a few. Hope that answers your question. Please checkout our website where we provide more details.
How is this product different from the paid technical support that aws provides?
@praveenhotha Great question! So the paid technical support AWS provides is very expensive and it's also manual. Our mission is to reduce cost through automation of security, compliance, and cost optimization of your application stack. We intend to keep building more features/tools that will help keep our customer's infrastructure secure.
Does your product have machine learning integrated?
@yashwanth_reddy4 Thanks for the Question! Yes, we have been training our ML models to enhance our Security Threat Analysis. As we gather more data, it's going to improve our models significantly. Also, we have plans to use ML for several other aspects including cost optimization.