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ICODrops is our view of the daily growing ICO world.

We've made 3 useful lists: Active ICOs, Next ICOs and Ended ICOs. It looks like a kanban board (Inbox, In Progress, Done) for specific people, who interest in ICOs.

Other features:

- Project Pages

- Bounty List

- Presale Information



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Ben TossellPro@bentossell · newCo
What makes this better than something like Token Data
ValeriaMaker@sisterofnic · ICO Drops Team
@bentossell Their basic focus is the altcoin database. ICO Drops is the convenient calendar and separate pages for each ICO. We have more rigorous moderation and personal contacts with a team of each ICO for checking the information.
Really cool!
ValeriaMaker@sisterofnic · ICO Drops Team
Hello, everyone! We’ve launched our project just recently therefore «Ended ICO» so poor. In our plans: to create an ICO profitability table and a sandbox of ICO projects, start interviewing the founders of crypto-startups. I hope you enjoy our site and want to see feedback and advices from Product Hunt community.
Bruno Skvorc@bitfalls · Bitfalls.com, Coinvendor.io, Diffbot.com
See also Picolo Research and Times of Ethereum.
Sergey BlyudovMaker@blyudovsergey
@bitfalls We always read Picolo Research Reports and add links to our posts
Bruno Skvorc@bitfalls · Bitfalls.com, Coinvendor.io, Diffbot.com
@blyudovsergey nice, good to hear!
abasa@abasa · founder, PRIMO
Love it. Please list ours also!