ICO Watchdog

Get real-time notifications of initial coin offerings

ICO Watchdog offers 100% FREE REAL-TIME CRYPTOCURRENCY ALERTS for all your favorite messaging applications .

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Shame we cant see a demo before signing up!
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This has been very helpful as it's really hard to keep up with everything going on in the market right now. You get notifications as new coins are added to exchanges and sometimes being able to move immediately can make a big difference in the price you pay because everything is so volatile right now.
I think would be helpful and increase conversions if you could share a demo of what we get and how the notifications look like, you could add an "add email to get one notification" and then if its good enough people would sign up
@adamhodara Thanks for the feedback. We're adding this in today.
How does this compare to icoalert.com or tokenmarket.net? I assume you're not providing ICO reports, are you?
@wilhempujar We provide alerts on the trading activity of the coins, similar to stock trading alerts for day traders.
Would love a demo. And some insight into the project's likelihood of being an ongoing thing for a pretty hefty upfront charge.
@dshan We're in it for the long haul - And we don't think $25 is a hefty upfront charge for a lifetime membership of coin trading alerts. If you're in the business of trading coins – we like to believe you will agree. Again, I could be wrong too.