ICO Parrot

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While doing research on ICOs I realised there are lots of rating sites. I built a spreadsheet to aggregate them, shared it with colleagues and they loved it. Seeing this was useful to other people, I learned html and css during paternity leave and built ICO Parrot. It aggregates ICO ratings from multiple sites to help you invest in the right ICOs.

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Founder & CEO, Hustle Crew
Thanks for hunting @ojodejose that's one of the most productive uses of paternity leave I've heard 😄 you must have a very calm baby 👼 How are you sourcing the information about the ICOs to give your community trust in the advice?
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@abadesi I get the information from 11 different rating websites, and create an average rating based on theirs. On the example in the screenshot above, the Bioritmai ICO has been reviewed by ICOMarks and FoxICO, and their ratings link to the respective reviews.
Sromana MukhopadhyayCo-founder, ShufflUp
Great resource! Really liked it.