A simple tool to preview app icons on your iPhone

We built this to make it much easier to preview your app icon designs on your phone while you're designing them. All you need to do is connect your Dropbox account and place your icon assets into the ICNS app folder. With ICNS, it takes very little time to compare different icon ideas to each other, look at them on different wallpapers, and capture screenshots to share with people to get feedback. We hope you enjoy this little tool! (And yes, we used it to while designing the ICNS icon. :))
@kvnsmth great product for app developers. Thanks for sharing. Question: do you ever access, view or store the designs that are uploaded? I imagine many developers are working with custom and unique designs that they wouldn't want to share until they're live. Thanks!
@adammash Great point. We don't; you have complete control over your assets. The files only live in Dropbox and on your phone, and we don't send them elsewhere.
@kvnsmth awesome. Thanks for clarifying. App works just as described, with some beautiful touches of polish throughout. Well done!
So stoked to see this in the wild. Great work getting it there @kvnsmth and @jbrewer.
One of those apps I didn't know I wanted until it excited. Great job guys.
Was making homescreen mockups just yesterday to test new icon designs. This should help!! Thanks guys.
I just played with this, and I wanted to thank you for making it. Simple and well executed. The Dropbox integration makes so much sense for workflow.