Icing Addict

Decorate cookies in this delightful icing simulation game.

All of the cookies have been licked clean! It's up to you to help re-decorate them with icing. The icing can be tricky to form though, so you'll have to learn how to shape it. This game is great for kids or for those with a creative streak.
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Hey PH! I'm Scotty and this is my first public app ever. How exciting! Fun story, the origins of this game were born last year whilst travelling by bus in southern Mexico. I had 10 hours to kill and decided to get coding. I created an algorithm to draw smooth lines but ended up with something that felt like icing a cookie. I thought it would make a fun game. I kept the idea on hold until just last month when I was quarantined in Guatemala. With all that free time I decided to finally make it, thus Icing Addict was born! I really hope you (or your kids) like it! I would be delighted if you got in touch with feedback or suggestions! On the tech side I wanted to learn something new. Flutter always looked promising to me but I wasn't sure if it would support custom graphics for a game. In the end it turned out great! I found Flutter to be highly customisable, performant, and fantastic to develop in. Some of the animations and screen transitions wouldn't be in the game if it weren't so easy to do. If people are interested I'll be writing about how I built the game in the coming weeks. Check out my profile for more 🤙
@kangabru Came here from IH. Heard you made $2. I'm about to join $2 club soon! 👋😁
@siddharthaneu Sweet! It's a small milestone but it's a start haha