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Hey everyone I am George the co-founder of IceCream. Psyched to be on PH today. Our mission to help you never miss another moment. The app helps you free up space on the spot - in under a minute - for 150, 1000 or 2500 more photos (or whatever you want really). The whole point is that it is fast - and on demand. Best of all it keeps all your photos and videos on your smartphone - so you can keep viewing, editing and sharing - even when you're offline. We have an EXCLUSIVE offer to all Product Hunters on our website (when you click through from this page): Free Up Space for FREE until 2016 (we're turning on premium features very soon). Any questions or comments just get in touch!
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@georgeberkowski I work in a phone shop. I'm going to test this app out and if I like it then it will be a great recommendation for people who still want 16GB iPhones.
Hello, I'm Andrew, co-founder (head of engineering) at IceCream. Thanks for checking out our app! Please feel free to ask anything, I'll be answering your questions about IceCream all day!
@georgeberkowski Where was this a couple of months ago when I spent 3 flights just deleting photos so I can upgrade to iOS8? :)) Love what you did! I think it could be useful (especially for this crowd) to explain a bit, hight level, how are you actually managing to do this?
@ovinegrean I wish it were there a few months ago as well! A personal story about why I created it. What we do is measure the free space on your phone, and then also figure out how much space you can free up on demand (based on number of photos, videos and their resolutions). Then we allow you to choose how much space to free up (a little or a lot). After that we push your high res photos to the secure IceCream Cloud super fast (built on AWS right now - but you will be able to select your preferred Cloud very soon) and then optimise the photos locally on the device - freeing up a huge amount of space. We're experimenting with a variety of optimisation algorithms to make this as fast as possible, while ensuring photo quality stays amazing.
@georgeberkowski Such a smart solution! Love it! Good luck George!
Looking for simpler terms to understand the difference in backing-up my photos w/ Google Photos or iOS Cloud and how IceCream works? Also, all my photos are now backed-up on the GiveMeIceCream platform only? If I quit the service, what happens to my backed-up photos and/or any implications to my phone's storage?
@lewis502 Hey Lewis - our focus is really about on-demand. You can go from out of space to taking more photos or videos in 1-2 minutes. With Google Photos and other solutions it takes hours (and commonly days) to backup everything to their Cloud. We backup, optimise and free up space as and when you need it. Right now we back up to the IceCream Cloud but we're making that more flexible (choose your preferred Cloud). You can download all your photos back to your phone or from the web interface at any time. We're super flexible.
@georgeberkowski thanks so much, I appreciate the explanation.
@georgeberkowski This already looked great a few months ago! Great to see this on PH! Congrats