Icebox prevents you from making impulse purchases 💥🛍️

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Icebox for Chrome replaces the Buy button on the most popular E-Commerce stores, automatically saving you from your weakest moments. By preventing you from making impulse purchases, Icebox helps you save money today.

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Tom Critchlow
Tom CritchlowMaker@tomcritchlow · Co-founder Fiercely Curious
Hey there - I worked with to help build this extension and I'm happy with how it came out. We were inspired by the insight that popular personal finance blogs would suggest you put purchases "on ice" to prevent impulse spending. There didn't exist an easy way to actually put things on ice so we build a relatively simple chrome extension that does just that! We went further and for popular sites (e.g. amazon, etsy, sephora) actually *stop* you purchasing anything without further putting it on ice (note: there is a way to break through the ice for essential purchases!) This is the first iteration so I'm sure there will be some bugs and things but all feedback welcome. Thanks
a great idea! Impulse purchases can be annoying.
Tom Critchlow
Tom CritchlowMaker@tomcritchlow · Co-founder Fiercely Curious
@petecodes Thanks Pete! Glad you like it.
Neeldhara@neeldhara · Assistant Professor, IIT Gandhinagar
This is awesome - thanks for coming up with this!
Cole Oliver
Cole Oliver@cole_oliver
Good idea, team!