Iceberg Editor

A beautiful markdown editor for WordPress.

Iceberg is a beautiful & entirely customizable markdown editor for crafting articles in WordPress. Iceberg leverages the best of WordPress, and the best of the new block editor, while getting out of your way–allowing you to focus on publishing your next post.
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Hi all! 👋 I'd like to share with you Iceberg, a project we’ve been working on to make writing in WordPress fun again. Iceberg is a beautiful, flexible and entirely theme-able markdown editor for crafting articles with the new WordPress block editor. Iceberg allows you to write in WordPress in a way that feels much more natural – and enjoyable – than working with blocks. The best part of Iceberg is that every aspect of the editor is entirely customizable. From colors, fonts, line width/height, markdown support, shortcuts, interface display options, and more. It's one of the funnest projects I've worked on for sure and I couldn't be more proud of what we've accomplished. We're super excited to finally share Iceberg with you all. Enjoy! Cheers, Rich
@richard_tabor this looks brilliant - is it possible to use outside of wordpress, and edit/publish via the rest API?
@graeme_fulton Thanks! It works if you can bring Gutenberg outside of the editor as well. It's a bit tricky now, but we'll investigate how to bring it outside of WP.
@richard_tabor yeah this would be great! At the moment, I have some forms that can post to the wordpress database on my site I was going to just use something like to turn the front end textbox into an editor. But it's difficult to manage the media library - Gutenberg outside of the PHP environment would be perfect for me! And Iceberg, a great layer on top! Please keep me updated if you look into it in the future - i'll do the same!
Huge fan of WordPress, huge fan of simplicity, huge fan of @richard_tabor. Which means I'm a huge fan of this product. Excited to see where Iceberg goes, and looking forward to using it. Well done!
@brian_gardner Thanks Brian - mega appreciated :)
I've known Rich and Jeffrey for quite some time now. They have produced an excellent piece of software — a Markdown editor on top of Gutenberg. It helps you easily draft your posts using Markdown with a minimalistic approach. You can even customize the themes to match your site and get in the right mood. Check it out.
It's incredibly fast and really distraction-free. You can make it yours with themes. It's WordPress-native you can easily switch to block editor to apply the finishing touches and add media content. Thank you to Rich and Jeffrey for letting me try out the beta version and give some input. It's an utter joy to use.
Heyo! 🐧 Thanks a lot for checking Iceberg out! You can now comfortably write on WordPress block editor, away from noise and any distractions. I hope everyone will find Iceberg very useful and will be of great help on your content writing workflow. Best Regards, Jeffrey