Ice Breakers

Get to know your team playbook & fun infographic

We spent long hours to make a fantastic and super useful ebook for better team engagement. It starts with getting to know each other. Here are the questions, games and tips to break the ice on your team.
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Hey, Product Hunters 🎉 Alex is here from Today we’re launching something not Slack related 😄 I hope it will be also very useful for the Product Hunt community. We spent long hours to make an easy reading guide on how to get to know your team better. I believe it’s important, especially when many teams go remote ⛱️ Here’s the table of contents: 💡 Wondering why is breaking the ice so important? Chapter 1 walks through that in every detail. 💡 Is your team on Slack? Chapter 2 is about how to set up ice breaker questions in Slack. 💡 You’ll find the the full list in the Chapter 3. Choose from 130 ice breaker questions for every situation at work. 💡 There are unusual ice breaker games for meetings. We covered 10 best ones in the Chapter 4. You’ll also find relevant links to articles and books on how to make your team more productive. Enjoy your Thursday reading ☕ Alex, CEO of Standuply
@sprinter Do you know why this was removed from the Front page of PH?

Standuply is a really great product. We moved from Geekbot recently and really enjoy it. It helps a lot in our day-to-day collaboration.


- great UI - reasonable pricing (e.g. Geekbot is overpriced) - easy to collaborate with other managers - advanced reporting features


There are no major cons, but some more reporting styles, open surveys would be great.

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