Largest database of dad jokes with Slack/Alexa integrations

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Brett Langdon
Open Source Software Engineer @ Datadog
Hello, I am the creator of https://icanhazdadjoke.com/. As the product is closing in on it's 1000th Slack installation, I figured it is about time I start to tell the world more about it. This project was a silly weekend idea that I had that slowly has grown organically into over 900 Slack installs (with about 300-400 Slack interactions per day), and over 50 Alexa installations (with around 10 interactions per day) without any marketing. For those interested, the tech stack is: * Python/Flask (http://flask.pocoo.org/) * Flask-Ask (https://github.com/johnwheeler/f...) * Elasticsearch (https://www.elastic.co/) * AWS S3 (https://aws.amazon.com/s3/) * Caddy web server (https://caddyserver.com/) * Cloudflare (https://www.cloudflare.com/) I am happy to answer any questions anyone might have about the product. - Brett
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Sergey Pirogov
CEO & Founder, wayme (www.wayme.tours)
Nice to have some jokes in Slack. Right before the deadlines :D
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David Carpe
Thinker & Layabout
how to get a tissue to dance? put a little boogie in it.
Santiago CastroPhD Student at University of Michigan