IC Project

Simple but useful project management system

For you and for your team. IC Project lets you manage your company more effective. Only 30 second you need to create and delegate first task. Try it!

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Insane Clown Project: Kanban for Juggalos™ .. But for srsly, this looks neato.
@jucaslames Even circuses may benefit from neatly organized projects, and thanks to IC Project's nearly-zero learning curve, you may assign the clowns tasks and have them communicate without ever having to resort to outside chat engines
@jucaslames yup totally agree. Clean ui
Hey Mike, a button on the "Startup" section of pricing at the bottom there is a typo. It says "Sing up for free"
@jucaslames That's right, you can sing for free :) /fixed
@jucaslames @mikekielecki is there an iOS version handy?
@jucaslames @brucekraftjr we working on it. Quite possibly in a month will be ready. Android 📱 and iOS devices