IBM Watson APIs

Offers a variety of services for building cognitive apps.

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"The IBM Watson Ecosystem empowers you to develop “Powered by IBM Watson” cognitive capabilities in your applications. The IBM Watson Ecosystem will help drive innovation and build creative cognitive solutions. It partners you with experience, offerings, domain knowledge and presence with IBM’s technology, tools, brand, and marketing, all offered through the Watson Developer Cloud, Watson Content Marketplace and the Watson Talent Hub"
I can find pricing/limits on access to API anywhere. This allows for some amazing apps to be developed very quickly/cheaply if the price is right.
@alxmlv Alex...I'll be offline for a sec, but I'll check later. I thought I read the access was free during the beta period. There was a partnership with Bluemix where you could prototype and build using the Watson API for free.
@alxmlv Alex. You can check the related links above. The one I just added might help you out. Cheers.
@erictwillis Thanks! Found what I was looking for. A lot of very exciting possibilities.
I clicked on every api and clicked "Live demo" on all the ones that had one. Almost of none of the demos worked and would just bug out. I'm so very confused by all of the available APIS.